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Indigenous 150+

Jun 20, 2023

What role does identity and culture play in the lives of Indigenous youth? How is one’s sense of identity impacted when representing the voices of Indigenous youth to a larger institution? What is required for youth to fully engage?

Our host Sam Bird explores these questions through conversations with:

  • Brian Pottle (Former President of the National Inuit Youth Council)
  • Christine Tootoo (National Inuit Youth Council Representative for Kivalliq)
  • Tutchone Dunfield (former member of the Provisional Youth Council for the Metis Nation of Alberta.

Young People Know is a co-production between Indigenous 150+ and the Mastercard Foundation EleV program. 

Our theme music is from Minou-Pimatiswen by Nigel Irwin and the Chippewa Travellers. Supplemental music provided by Nagamo Publishing and Andrea Menard. Other featured artists include GR Gritt, Chris Derksen & Silla, Justin Delorme, Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie, Mimi O'Bonsawin.

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