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Indigenous 150+

Jul 31, 2020

Nuuchahnulth and Coast Salish artist and carver Joshua Watts discusses carving and racing canoes, the value of mentorship and the role of carving and art as a community-building vessel.

Jul 28, 2020

Artist Shelley Niro discusses filmmaking - from casting, to storytelling to weaving in her feminist worldview in her latest film the “The Incredible 25th Year of...

Jul 24, 2020

Award-winning Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk) filmmaker Tracey Deer discusses her new film, how stories can create change, the art of collaboration and the bravery of artistry in film, a field where Indigenous people are under-represented.

Jul 21, 2020

In Part II of this episode, Arrow Lakes Facilitator for Colville Confederated Tribes, Shelly Boyd explores what it means to be part of an "extinct" nation and also to connect with the land and wildlife through ceremony and conservation.

Jul 17, 2020

One of FLARE Magazine's Top 50 Women, anti-racism educator, award-winning ribbon skirt artist, certified mediator and activist Larissa Crawford discusses racism, the green economy, eco-activism, entrepreneurship, wellness and parenting.