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Indigenous 150+

Jul 5, 2022

Elder Jean Bartibogue, a Mi’kmaq Elder from the community of Esgenoôpetitj shares her journey from a young girl to Clan Mother of the Jagej (Lobster) Clan. Beginning with the traumatic days at Indian Day school, Jean traces with host Julianna Peter-Paul, her return to her culture, the importance of the four sacred medicines, ceremony and her present day passion to pass on her teachings to the youth of her community. 

Julianna Peter-Paul is a podcaster from Metepenagiag Mikmaq Nation, who has a passion for storytelling, indigenous ways of being, and oral history. Her creative inspiration  stems from the land and water along with stories that have been passed down to her. Julianna began podcasting in 2020 and is dedicated to  preserving and passing down her culture.

Migwitétmeg was developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling Program created by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and the Inspirit Foundation.

For more episodes of Migwitétmeg (“we remember”) follow host Julianna Peter-Paul on instagram @julppaul

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