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Indigenous 150+

Jun 21, 2022

Herstory is a satirical comedy about two women who are tired of living in the patriarchy, so travel back in time to rewrite history in the favour of women. (For Mature Ears and Audiences!)

Episode 1 -  “It’s A Man’s World”

After Sammy fails to learn the art of female masturbation, and her roommate Jordan loses her promotion at work, they head out for a night of partying where they are flashed by a male time traveler who drops his vibrator shaped time machine, which sparks their journey into empowering women in the past.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 out on June 24th!

Herstory was written and produced by Métis writer, Samantha Loney with story mentoring by Amber-Sekowan Daniels  and Donna McElligott. 

Samantha is  a Métis writer and filmmaker from Barrie, Ontario and has a passion for comedy writing and creating content that challenges modern audiences point of views, Samantha is the winner of the Brian Linehan Award for Outstanding Artistic Promise

You can follow Samantha on Instagram @samanthabossassbitch, and her podcast at @herstorythepodcastseries.

The first two episodes of Herstory were developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling program developed by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and Inspirit Foundation.

To learn more about the Good Influence Films and Indigenous 150+ training programs and events: