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Indigenous 150+

Jun 28, 2022

Walking the Red Road is a podcast that explores the world of wellness and healing modalities with leaders and warriors drawing on both lived experience and academic perspectives. 

Episode 1: Safety & Security

Trauma therapist Kenndey Lewis, speaks to host Michelle Jarvis about the fundamental need for safety and security for individuals who have experienced trauma, sharing some of the techniques she uses along the way for cultivating wellness and recovery.

Please note this episode refers to trauma and abuse so please take care while listening. If you need support don’t hesitate to contact the First Nations and Inuit Hotline at 1 855 242 3310

Michelle is Anishnaabekwe with Polish and Bulgarian heritage. She has always resonated with the “Indigenous worldview” even before she had the words to frame it.

Michelle has always wanted to help people and the world. Though this was present in her life before the upheavals, many traumas led to Michelle running away and living on and off the streets of Toronto from the ages of 12 to 16. 

Michelle managed to get herself off the streets, get clean, and began the lifelong journey of healing and self-discovery. She has completed a diploma from U of T and has spent the last two years in the non-profit sector helping those walking in the shoes she once occupied.  

Walking The Red Road was developed in Good Influence Films’ Advanced Digital Storytelling and Podcast Training Program. It was created and produced by Michelle Jarvis. 

The music in this episode is Strong Woman Song by Lisa Muswagon and Raven Hart-Bellecourt.

To listen to the next episode of Walking The Red Road you can follow Michelle on Instagram @ miishiikwe.