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Indigenous 150+

Jun 24, 2022

After they land in the 1600's and Sammy is accused of being a witch, Jordan must rescue Sammy from being hanged. To do this she must empower a witch coven, but will she empower them too much? (FOR MATURE AUDIENCES)

Herstory was written and produced by Samantha Loney, a Métis writer and filmmaker from Barrie, Ontario and has a passion for comedy writing and creating content that challenges modern audiences point of views, Samantha is the winner of the Brian Linehan Award for Outstanding Artistic Promise. 

The first two episodes of Herstory were developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling program developed by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and Inspirit Foundation.

To catch Episode 3, of HERSTORY follow @herstorythepodcastseries. 

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