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Indigenous 150+

Jun 17, 2022

Decolonizing Through Parenting is a podcast that focuses on parents who are striving to return to their Indigenous ancestral teachings to raise their children as strong, healthy Indigenous children who take pride in their culture and bring healing to their families.    

In this first episode, Sheila Robson, a mother, grandmother, and knowledge keeper, in her 21st year of alcohol abstinence, reflects on how choosing sobriety led her to her ongoing journey to decolonize herself and her family and bring healing to her families' intergenerational trauma. 

Sobriety: The First Act of Decolonizing, is a pilot for a proposed podcast series called “Decolonizing Through Parenting” developed in Good Influence Films’ Advanced Digital Storytelling and Podcast Training Program. It was developed by Corenda-Lee with story mentoring by Betty Ann Adam and Donna McElligot. 

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